Friday, November 28, 2008

All Eyes On Us

And get them off the dang horses folks! OK. Sure our mom takes an occasional picture of us and posts it on Baba Yaga's Mirror. Whatever. We are sick of riding second saddle (grrrrrr) to Red and Lyra. We demand better food, more walks, and OUR OWN BLOG. Got it, right here!

So here is Stella, she is the bed hog dog. Dang lazy thing won't even get up to pee in the morning unless mom screams her name. Stella is a pit bull/german shepherd mix. She is a myth-breaker when it comes to unsavory beliefs about pitties. Stella is the heart dog.

And check out Max - Mr. Substantial! Max has not paid many visits to the ranch lately. He has discoid lupus and it has slowed him down. Max is a lab/rhodie ridgeback comb. He is the steadfast dog.

Meet Lena, the escape artist. Kind folks read about her running away awhile ago and gave mom alot of enouragement on the horsie smorsie blog. She follows mom around the house about 3 inches behind her. Well, what do you expect for an Aussie/Kelpie girl? Herding dogs just got to herd. Lena is the watching dog.

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