Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lena, a Hardworking Dog

Yay!  It is time for Dogs on Thursday!!!

Besides her incredible cuteness and hard core herding dog attitude, Leena is a hardworking dog. Every other day she is the "ride along" dog and gets to go to the ranch for the evening (yeah, mom spends dang near EVERY night up there with those two stupid horses, if me and Stella didn't "ride along" we'd never get to be with her.  We're talkin' doggie devotion here.)  

This is one of Lena's very favorite things to do (!?! Hmmm, thinking bones, fighting raccoons, chasing cats, jumping the fence,  jumping on people, and going to the beach . . . well, maybe its on the list of the top 10 things I like to do).   She LOVES to run circles around me while I find the horses in the 40 acre general pasture.  (True.  It smells like HEAVEN).  

Eating and rolling in digusting things completes her perfect night. 
(Hey!  Fifteen horses make a lot of delicious smelling piles.  I take my pasture patrol seriously.)

(Wait a minute - what is Red Horse doing here?????  This is a DOGS ONLY blog - Read the name "Going to the Dogs"!  No where does it mention a red horse.   OUT OF HERE DUDE! Mom has another blog for you.)

(Good, he's gone!)  

A hardworking dog is a happy dog.

Wordless Wednesday - Stella

Friday, January 2, 2009

Skywatch Friday #25

A leaf clings to its branch on New Year's Day.

Lena waits beside Max's burial site.

Dogs on Thursday (one day late)

I just discovered this dogcentric meme "Dogs on Thursday" and am so excited (yeah, us too) because I'm finding blog meme's an incredibly fun way to travel the globe and meet new folk.  And this one is about DOGS!!!!  (finally, something just for us!)  Ah, if you notice an echo in here it is not your imagination - Stella and Lena are getting pretty insistent on having their point of view be heard (you ain't seen nothing yet).

I'm signing up for Dogs on Thursday one day late and starting by honoring some of the dear ones who have graced my life over the last few decades.  I was thinking that my "pack" has shrunk to only two, but then noticed the size of my heart pack and felt great comfort.  Although you have already met some of the members, I am so honored to introduce you to the dogs who have shared, protected, loved, comforted, and laughed with me through my years as a single mom raising Jesse to this present time.

Sugar Bear




2004 (year she joined our pack, her birth date is unknown)


These wonderful dogs have enriched my life beyond words and been my partners in the day to day business of living.  I'm pleased to introduce them to you on my first Dogs on Thursday.