Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lena, a Hardworking Dog

Yay!  It is time for Dogs on Thursday!!!

Besides her incredible cuteness and hard core herding dog attitude, Leena is a hardworking dog. Every other day she is the "ride along" dog and gets to go to the ranch for the evening (yeah, mom spends dang near EVERY night up there with those two stupid horses, if me and Stella didn't "ride along" we'd never get to be with her.  We're talkin' doggie devotion here.)  

This is one of Lena's very favorite things to do (!?! Hmmm, thinking bones, fighting raccoons, chasing cats, jumping the fence,  jumping on people, and going to the beach . . . well, maybe its on the list of the top 10 things I like to do).   She LOVES to run circles around me while I find the horses in the 40 acre general pasture.  (True.  It smells like HEAVEN).  

Eating and rolling in digusting things completes her perfect night. 
(Hey!  Fifteen horses make a lot of delicious smelling piles.  I take my pasture patrol seriously.)

(Wait a minute - what is Red Horse doing here?????  This is a DOGS ONLY blog - Read the name "Going to the Dogs"!  No where does it mention a red horse.   OUT OF HERE DUDE! Mom has another blog for you.)

(Good, he's gone!)  

A hardworking dog is a happy dog.


Ishtar said...

I agree! The hardworking ones live the longest!

And yes, get Red out of there!! He has way to much internet storage room as it is!

Gnat said...

She does look like both a hardworking and happy dog!! Love it!

Thank you for the well wishes...please let me or the DOT team know if you need anything!

Tina. said...

LOL!!! While out in CO we got to see a real live cowboy and his working dog working and moving the cattle down the canyon to lower grazing grounds. It was amazing!

gaylen said...

Yea Leena. She looks very happy - does she bathe well? I can imagine she needs lots after the dose of "doggy perfume!" g

dogquilter said...

Funny! I remember when Wilbur was a puppy and went chasing after my sons horse and my son went chasing after Wilbur and tackled him. One of his dogs had gotten kicked by the horse and he wanted to be sure Wilbur didn't get hurt. But the puppies sure do love to roll about in the pies don't they?!

Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to see what a good life your dog has. She's adorable.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a good dog, and she shares her blog

"Ice Pony Girl" said... such a pretty girl! What breed is she? She kinda looks like my Lucy who's a Aussie Kelpie.

Give Lena some belly rubs from us!

Celeste said...

What is it with dogs and horse poop? My Springer Spaniel literally used to wait for it to drop from the sky and enjoyed it when it was still hot - YUKK!!!