Thursday, February 19, 2009

Humboldt County Animal Shelter - THANK YOU . . .

For Dogs on Thursday I want to say "Thank You, Thank You" to my local shelter for not judging Stella by a breed's mismanagement and fating her to destruction without opportunity to develop her glorious, sweet, funny, joyous, tender, loyal, baby self.  

Stella is a goodly part pit bull and she is my dearest companion.  Being her caretaker requires responsibility - to maintain my status as the leader of our pack but more than that, responsiblity to protect her from the prejudices of the world.

The tragedy of the Wilkesboro Pit Bulls - killed by the state after they were betrayed by the worst in our own species, goes to the heart of our
 human tendency to  grievously generalize gross inaccuracies and then act with tragic outcomes.  While a County shelter may be overwhelmed with the burden of caring for 146 dogs, they had ample offers of help and a model of success demonstrated by the successful rehab of the Vick dogs.  So why didn't they accept the offered aid?  Cuz according to HSUS staff, Vicks was a lousy breeder and didn't raise "true" fighters unlike the the reptile Edward Faron (my apologies to the species), owner of Wildside Kennels, who was responsible for these dogs misery.  So 146 dogs - INCLUDING 60 PUPPIES - were killed WITHOUT EVALUATION!!!!!!  

Looking at Stella, I am again so grateful to the Humboldt County Shelter for thoroughly evaluating ALL dogs.  For not succumbing to breed prejudices.  Thank you!

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elegy said...

I feel the same way. Both Luce and my dear departed Harv came out of shelters where they could have been chosen for death. Harv was ten when I got him. He'd spent over a year in the shelter after being seized from cruel conditions (and with the name "Beast"), was adopted and then returned, and yet they chose to keep hoping for him.

I am eternally grateful. Every single day.