Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lena - Cute with Attitude

OK, I just couldn't resist her cuteness when I saw her sitting next to a volunteer at a Bones Rescue Adoption event at The Farm Store in Eureka. All that cuteness was only a cover for her Aussie/Kelpie obsession with herding me with her every waking breath. Wherever I walk through my house, Lena is sure to follow - exactly three inches behind me.

Lena loves going to Freshwater Stables. She is fearless among the horses, regarding them with the professional assurance that comes from the blood of generations of herding dogs running through her veins. She knows every inch of the general pasture and excels at finding piles of stinky unmentionables to wriggle and roll in.

There is not a fence made that can contain Lena. I have caught her flying over a five foot gate, perching on the top like a cat, and bounding free when she didn't think I was looking. If I am at home, she will stay put. Otherwise I do not dare leave her in my fenced backyard. She wares a tag with her name and my phone number so I can be contacted if she runs away. Before her Bones' rescue, Lena was picked up by Animal Control in Redding as she ran down a sidewalk. No doubt she had just flown over her former owner's fence and was looking for something or someone to herd.

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