Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Otis - Trail Dog, Friend and Protector for 14 Years

Last July Otis was the youngest looking 14 year old dog you might hope to meet. His amazing vitality, a joy to watch over the years, served him well in his senior years. Then, within a matter of days, Otis began to age. It happened quickly - he lost muscle tone, his hind end began to waiver. Worry shadowed his eyes, he was not used to being the vulnerable one.

One Saturday in November my dear friend, Otis' mom, called to say he was gone. That morning he could no longer walk and she knew it was time to say goodbye. Goodbye Otis, Good Boy! Thanks for all the laughs, the carefully guarded camps, the joyous, wild runs at the beach. And thanks for teaching Riley to swim. May Riley be there to greet you on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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